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State-run media is usually heard of in countries such as North Korea where public information is censored and manipulated to be what the regime wants it to be. We think that since we live in the United States that we are immune to such control and manipulation but recent events taken place by the White House is making Americans question how free our press really is. In 2005, several journalists were exposed as propagandists on the administration's payroll. The broadcasters routinely air government-funded video news releases without disclosing their source; the White House has set aside billions in taxpayer dollars to hire public relations firms and infiltrate our news system with fake news.

We all rely on the news that we hear either on television or on the radio and there was one point where we all just took in what was being said as truth. We need to learn not to be so gullible. This propaganda is the deliberate distortion of reality so as to lead the public to a particular understanding of events and issues, without regard for reality. Propaganda poisons the processes of democracy and can be seen as a misuse of a public resource. Some broadcast programs promote the interests of one political party and all the news and information presented by the broadcasters is meant to deliberately sway your judgment in to their direction. It is up to the public not to be so dependent on these news stations that tell us what to believe and try to sidetrack us from what is the truly important issue currently, which is the war.

Research on line to find other resources that are not under corporate rule and have nothing to gain from exposing the true news. It is important to be completely informed and updated on what is going on in the world but be careful where you obtain your information from because you will end up victim to a conspiracy that will never be exposed.